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Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in Attending University High?

For information on applying to University High School, please contact Renee Jordan.

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Why should I attend University High?

University High is a Blue Ribbon winner for many impressive programs and accomplishments, such as college enrollment assistance, college credits through advanced placement and dual enrollment, millions of dollars in scholarships, high college persistence rates, and more! View our Blue Ribbon flyer for details on some of the benefits you can enjoy by attending our great school!

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What time does school begin and end?

Our school begins at 8:25 a.m. and dismisses at 3:00 p.m.

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Is there a dress code?

As members of the Tolleson High School campus, we expect University High students to adhere to the dress code specified for all Tolleson students. Please refer to the student handbook for dress code specifics.

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Are Advanced Placement (AP) classes available for my child?

We provide our students with opportunities to participate in Advanced Placement (AP) courses. While the advantages of taking AP courses are numerous, the following are important for their development and future academic success:

  • research clearly indicates that sustained rigor over many years has shown a dramatic increase in persistence at the University level
  • students are given the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for academic success
  • one credit (1.0) is added to the numerical value of each grade (e.g., a B in an AP class is numerically a 4.00 rather than a 3.00)
  • AP courses - students may earn college credit based upon their performance on the respective AP exam. Scores of 3, 4, or 5 may earn college credit.

For more information on AP courses and offerings, please contact your guidance counselor.

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What happens if my child needs to transfer to another high school?

We understand there are circumstances that necessitate student exit from University High. Under normal circumstances, exit occurs as a result of relocation, academic underperformance, or student self-exit. Students who no longer receive educational opportunities from University High must follow the exit procedures before leaving University High:

  • follow the district withdraw process
  • complete a University High exit interview
  • surrender their University High student identification badge
  • return textbooks and library books
  • return school equipment to athletic department/club sponsor

It is important to note that the transportation services associated with University High status will default to the transportation services for your neighborhood school.

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