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University High School
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Our Academic Departments

Our rigorous curriculum challenges students and prepares them for higher education. We have high expectations for our students, and they always rise to the occasion and succeed. Our core departments are dedicated to providing exceptional content in all academic areas, and our teachers focus on student achievement.


The members of the English/Reading Department are dedicated to providing the skills that University High School students need to be able to communicate effectively in their school, communities, and future endeavors.


Math is essential to everyday life activities such as making a purchase, paying a bill, decorating your home, reviewing a test score, understanding sports statistics, and much more. The opportunities for individuals who demonstrate a thorough understanding of mathematics will be endless in today’s changing environment. The Mathematics Department is committed to teaching our students all the necessary concepts that math has to offer, so that they will succeed in their future endeavors.


Science is the effort to discover and increase human understanding of how the physical world works. Through the many science courses and science electives that we offer at UHS, we provide students with a foundation in modern concepts in both the biological and physical sciences so they will be productive members of our increasingly technologically and scientifically advanced society.

Social Studies

We believe that through understanding the past, our students will be able to create a better future. At UHS, our students will develop a better understanding of historical events and people. They will be able to interpret significant themes, ideas, beliefs, and turning points in the world. They will analyze locations and regions and make connections by recognizing the natural and cultural norms that affect the way in which people and societies live and interact with each other and their environment. As they internalize this information, they will become better citizens, community members, and adults.


At University High School, we are committed to arts education and the many benefits it provides our students. Just as with our core subject areas, arts education provides students with rigorous content and carefully planned lessons that will stimulate students’ intellectual development. We encourage our students to check out the electives that are available to them.