Alumni Spotlight

Spotlight on Success: U-High Alumni Shine Bright

University High School is proud to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our alumni! From pioneering tech entrepreneurs to groundbreaking researchers, our graduates are making waves in diverse fields worldwide. Stay tuned as we spotlight these inspiring stories, showcasing the extraordinary paths our former students have forged. U-High alumni, your success is our legacy!

Erika Gutierrez

“Honoring a life of tradition, I established my purpose to be the one in a new generation to create a new life for my family and me. My family’s legacy is what motivates me to strive for the best I can in my lifetime. I aspire to be a first-generation female to attend college and enter aerospace engineering. I am reminded to put in the work ethic every day in my academics to be able to earn the opportunity to reach the stars my family’s generations have lived under.”

Erika Gutierrez Romero, 2024 Scholarship Recipient from Tolleson Union High School District

This image was taken from the AZALAS Celebrating the Senior Scholarship Recipients of 2024 publication.

Isaiah Lewis

I graduated from UH in 2013 and went on to study supply chain management at ASU. While I was at ASU, I started working for Starbucks as a barista, and hoping Starbucks corporate office after finishing under I’m grateful for all I was able to learn while at UH. The chance to give back to this community every year via the Annie Lewis Scholarship is the accomplishment I’m most proud of.

Isaiah Lewis up on a balcony with a view
Isaiah Lewis, honored alumni
Group of happy students on a stage including Isaiah Lewis